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Success and (especially) failure stories of startups

17/02/2021 @ 18:00 - 19:30

Most startup news stories are about successes, while in reality most startups fail.

Free Workshop #6 for The Fledge Angel Accelerator

We’ve talked in past weeks about how and why Angel investors invest. Now it’s time to talk about the results, and not just the success stories, but real world failures. Investments that lost real money. Unfortunately, the more common path for startups and their investors. Let’s learn the lessons so they are not repeated.

The Angel Accelerator not only teaches you how to invest in early-stage and growing companies, but how to do that as an impact investor, either balancing returns and impact or maximizing both. Your choice.

This is the sixth of seven free workshops providing a taste of that program.

— — —

Three other free workshops will follow weekly before we ask participants to sign up for the full 12-week, weekly program.

Hopefully by the end of the program the world will be opened back up, recovering from a year of lockdowns, etc. The entrepreneurs have already begun the rebuilding and have plans on building back better. Now is a great time to take a few hours, learn these new skills, and be ready to fund the new economy.

— — —

The Fledge Angel Accelerator is a training program for U.S.-based Angels, teaching the skills needed to confidently invest in startups, especially those doing good through business. This is Angel Investing 101, 201, and 301, focusing on the key knowledge needed to be an Angel investor, learned by making actual investments.

Open to all Americans, accredited or not, whether you know what that term means, or not.

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